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Commercial Contract Master Class © 2022

The Real Skills in Procurement Strategy, Tender Management and Probity You need to advance your Career.

A Certificate that gets and
keeps you employed.

Every person is entitled to effective, affordable education.

Content found nowhere else.


Amazing Education at an affordable Price.

Held over 3 weekends to minimise job disruption.

Mobile-friendly course with no laptop needed.

Recognised by Industry as effective and relevant.

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No one develops Contract Risk Mitigation Capability in Students like we do.

We teach gritty, real world Procurement.

The Certificate in Procurement Fundamentals is highly effective Procurement Skills training. We teach the real industry knowledge you need to manage a busy workload developing Procurement Strategies and managing Tenders with probity.


We teach our Students skills they can use immediately at work. Our training is scenario-based; meaning, we use real world scenarios that Procurement officers deal with on a daily basis. We use authentic approval, tender and contract templates so our Students become familiar with the tools of their profession.


There are no requirements to enrol in the Certificate in Procurement Fundamentals.

Program is fully online.

Our Program is fully online. We use Zoom for our webinars.

What is inside the Certificate course?


In three weeks of interactive Webinars, scenario-based Homework Assignments and a Final Examination, you will master the fundamental Skills Procurement managers need to perform at work. Our Certificate delivers best practice Procurement for large Corporate, Government and Non-Profit organisations. We replace misunderstandings and knowledge gaps with a solid strategic and tactical foundation:

1.​  Build fit-for-purpose Procurement Strategies when your Clients need to buy. This is a Core Skill in Procurement, and a major topic in Procurement job interviews.

2.  Learn the Tender process, understand how Approvals work, and become proficient at setting up Tender criteria that defensibly protect the organisation from challenge.

3.  Identify and remedy Probity issues, including supplier unfair advantage, indefensible evaluation and overuse of exemption.

A career-changing experience through specialist knowledge.


Our Students are immersed in interesting, highly engaging content that fundamentally changes the maturity of their approach towards Procurement. In the words of one of our Students, "I can confidently say that I am not the same Procurement person I was two months ago."

The Price of our Certificate in Procurement Fundamentals, including Examination and taxes, is $100 Australian dollars, and our Certificate never expires.

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