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Program in
Procurement Leadership
 © 2022

Develop Marketable Commercial Procurement Skills that will be recognised by your Executive Team, and establish you as a strategic and knowledgeable Leader.

Starts Saturday 19 March

A Program that prepares
you for Leadership.

Every person is entitled to inexpensive, effective education.

Skills immediately recognised by your Executive.


Amazing Education at an affordable Price.

Live Webinars and highly engaging Assignments.

Held on weekends to minimise job disruption.

Mobile-friendly course with no laptop needed.

A Leadership Program like no other,
at a Price like no other. 

Skills to find your seat at the Leadership Table.

The Program in Procurement Leadership is designed to provide Procurement Managers with formidable executive-level skills and knowledge that will be quickly recognised by their Executive Leadership Team.

In ten years, Procurement has experienced a meteoric rise in organisational importance, as increasing numbers of Corporate Boards recognise the strategic role Procurement is playing in developing a sustainable, ethical and value-driven supply of goods and services.

Procurement Managers who recognise this opportunity are taking their place in their organisation's Leadership Team. It takes skills, knowledge, guts and determination to make such career advancement. Our Program is designed to get them into a Leadership role.

Entry Requirement

We recommend first completing our Certificate in Procurement Fundamentals, which teaches World Stage Skills in Procurement Strategy, Tendering and Probity.

Program is fully online


Our Program is fully online. We use Zoom for our webinars.



What is inside the Program in Procurement Leadership?

Our Program is run over 4 weekends, from 19 March to 10 April 2022.

Capability 1

Students learn how to approach Procurement Strategy from the perspective of an executive-level manager, and how to convey Procurement benefit and risk to your organisation's chief executive. Students are equipped with the skills to develop policy and process through the lens of a profession fundamentally changed by a global pandemic. Deeply understand Procurement objectives using gamification. Learn how to educate Clients about efficient forward planning rather than manging endless tenders and overusing exemptions. Examine dependency on supply chains, and learn how to adopt aspects of Circular Economy. Discover proven mechanisms to reduce contractual exposure to modern slavery. Understand the differing drivers among corporate and public sector Procurement.

Capability 2.  With an executive-level perspective, Students now examine three risk areas that frequently result in massive inefficiency, loss of value and reputational damage for Procurement teams: Learn how to use smart design to mitigate potential probity scenarios during high value, high risk tendering. Adopt the practices of organisations who implemented practices that preserved their supply of critical goods during Covid-19, including computer hardware and consumables. With IT comprising more than 30% of typical Indirect spend, master methodology to dissect, price and identify risk in emerging technologies across multiple buying categories, including software, health and tranport. Refine your capability in improving your organisation's Procurement, contract and lease processes and learn how to adopt automation without standing up massive IT projects. There are typically 5 questions employers ask in a senior Procurement job interview. Learn how to master the strategic interview with confidence and without anxiety.

Two relevant Assignments rather than time consuming homework and stressful exams.

We believe that ongoing assessment of Students during interactive Webinars and Assignments achieve a more accurate measure of Student competency than time-consuming homework and anxiety-creating exams. Our Program is engineered to measure performance and competency at all touch points. Students find this method of evaluation more beneficial than traditional testing, as it allows them to focus on their learning rather than on evaluation.

A career-changing experience through a strategic filter.

Our Students are immersed in relevant, interesting, highly engaging content that deeply enhances their approach towards their organisation's Procurement objectives. Our Students comment that our courses have inexorably matured their competence and capability in Procurement, fundamentally accelerated their Career and create opportunities that other education providers do not have capacity to provide.

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Program Lecturers

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