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Our commitment to eradicating Modern Slavery
begins with eradicating
unaffordable education.

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Affordable education is critical for career success

Without an education to develop workplace skills, people are likely to face a lifetime of low pay and financial hardship. Millions of children do not receive adequate, if any schooling, and spend their lives both as kids and as adults in unsafe, low wage jobs without a realistic possibility for advancement.

The price of most tertiary education is outrageous

As education is fundamental to a person's financial security, affordable skills-based education should be a basic human right, particularly for women who also face gender discrimination in many countries.

Unfortunately, the cost of education and particularly tertiary education (university and certification), is tragically unaffordable to a person who must choose between paying for skills and putting food on their family table.

Our courses are affordable and teach job-ready skills

One of our school values is affordability. We price our courses realistically to allow people to attain real world Procurement skills and realise their aspirations, goals and dreams.

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