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Want a qualification in
IT Procurement

Our Mission is to transform our Students into in-demand Procurement Specialists.


We believe every person is entitled to inexpensive, effective education.

Program in IT Procurement ©

We will give you the Skills to perform in an IT Procurement job.

09 - 30 October 2021

Unique content found nowhere else.


Small online classes for higher engagement.

Weekend classes to minimise job disruption.

Program is mobile friendly - no laptop needed.

We deliver solid education at a competitive price.

Luz Viviana Jaimes Hernandez
Advanced Program Graduate
Brisbane Australia

"This Program is exceptional in providing educational benefits for women just like me, from a cultural background where women suffer due to economic dependency and social inequality."

Inside our IT Procurement Program

5 intelligent reasons to take the
Program in IT Procurement

Live, interactive learning with a real IT Procurement Specialist working in industry.

Graduate inside four weeks, with genuine Skills to get an IT Procurement job.

Global demand everywhere, regardless of economy and epidemics.

You do not need technical computer skills
to buy IT.

Paid substantially more than in other Procurement categories.

Inside our IT Procurement Program

where data goes

Finally understand what is meant by Servers, Databases and Clouds.

as a service

Understand pricing models and risks in buying Software and Platform "as a service"

it ethics

Learn the current tools to identify Modern Slavery in the IT industry

buy erp

Build confidence in buying complex Enterprise office, financial, CRM and social media solutions

it risk

Identify Contractual Risks specific to IT agreements, including project scope creep, limits of liability and forex fluctuation.


I'm in general Procurement. Why should I take this Program?

Large companies and Government agencies cannot function without organised Procurement. Similarly, these organisations cannot operate without substantial IT operations. If you work in IT Procurement, you have a Skill set that is in demand in both of these business areas. This future-proofs your career and massively increases your employment opportunities.

Is this an IT or a Procurement course?

This is an online live Procurement Program with a 100% focus on how to buy IT goods and services. Our teaching methodology ensures that Students are not disadvantaged if they have not previously worked in Procurement.

I know very little about IT. Am I going to understand the content?

No technical knowledge of IT is required, other than the basics, such as searching on Google and saving files.

What Skills will I have if I take the Program?

You will emerge from this Program with an understanding of:


  • What Servers, Databases and Clouds do.

  • How to mitigate risk when buying “As a Service”.

  • The need for Converged Communications.

  • Buying Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions.

  • How to make unusual specialised tech purchases.

  • Identifying Contract Risk specific to IT Contracts.

English isn’t my first language. Will I cope?

Many of our Students have English as a second language. People who have taken our Programs will know our Webinars are delivered in a simple, easy-to-follow format. If you can follow the level of English on our Website, you will have no problem understanding our Webinars or Exams.

How theoretical is the Program? I hate studying theory!

This is a practical course. We are 100% focused on teaching our Students skills they can use immediately at work or in a job interview. By example, we train Students how to identify IT contract risks that seasoned Procurement staff often overlook. We use unique Frameworks © to help Students approach complex IT Procurement situations; by example, how to work out hidden costs of software, like an iceberg under the surface.

How much do IT Procurement people earn?

In many cases, and especially in Government, IT Procurement specialists often earn substantially higher wages than regular Procurement staff, including Strategic Sourcing people.

Is IT Procurement a desk-based role? I need human interaction.

As an IT Procurement Specialist, you will work in a corporate environment. You are likely to spend most of your time engaging with Clients, your Leadership Team and Suppliers, joining Tender Evaluation Teams and occasionally attending conferences. This isn’t just a desk job. It’s a career with huge Person-to-Person interaction and significant ongoing learning.

What do IT Procurement Specialists do?

IT Procurement people do a lot more than buy computers.


  • Set up competitive Tenders to get value.

  • Participate on bidding Evaluation Teams.

  • Attend supplier performance meetings.

  • Act as probity officer on complex IT deals.

  • Create opportunities for small business.

  • Improve anti-corruption processes. 

  • Screen suppliers for modern slavery.

  • Forward plan with the Leadership Team.

  • Buy complex Telephony and Multi-Media fit-out.

  • Negotiate contracts to mitigate inherent risk.

  • Conduct staff training in defensible Procurement.

  • Attend conferences to keep abreast of Hi-Tech.

Every organisation uses different software. Do we learn all of it?

While organisations use different software systems, the skill of buying software solutions is “ubiquitous”, meaning whether you buy for large companies or Government, in the developing or developed world, how you buy is almost always the same.

Are there IT Procurement jobs in Government?

Government, public hospitals, law enforcement and Defence are formidable employer of permanent, temporary and contractor IT Procurement people. All Government agencies have a Procurement team, ranging from a handful of people to dozens of staff across multiple buying categories, depending on the complexity of the organisation. A small, statutory authority may only have 1 or 2 Procurement staff while a railway may have over 100 Procurement people, with support from dozens of contractors, including IT Procurement Specialists.

Are there IT Procurement jobs in non-Govt organisations?

International organisations like the United Nations, World Health Organisation, refugee councils and large charities cannot function without Procurement staff. Like Government agencies, their organisations rely heavily on IT and their IT spend is equitable to Government IT budgets. Just like Governments, NGOs are heavily employers of Procurement people, permanent, temporary and contractors.

How experienced is the Program convener in IT Procurement?

Nolan is an IT Procurement Specialist with 16 years’ experience procuring Enterprise software, Converged Communications, print service solutions and significant hardware rollouts for Government agencies and commercial banks. 

How much is the Program in IT Procurement?

 $149.95 Australian dollars inclusive of taxes and Examination, with a Certificate that never expires.

Break into the highest paid
category in Procurement.

Enrolment is limited.

Secure your place for 9 October!

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