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How our School is enhancing their Procurement career.

Alusiola Valentine

Procurement Assistant

Nairobi Kenya

"Many Procurement officers have a difficult and long climb to the senior level. Nolan's School of Procurement makes it easy and simple. They teach you the Soft Skills you need to tackle the task of becoming a Specialist. This School makes you employable and in-demand."

Nolan School of Procurement - Fundamentals - Graduation - Brisbane - 21.11.21 - James Simp

James Simpson
Senior Procurement Manager

Brisbane Australia

Nolan School of Procurement offers real world, pragmatic Procurement education. I took the Certificate in Procurement Fundamentals and I'm pleasantly surprised to have gained a significant amount of knowledge and understanding. It has directly benefited my career as a Procurement professional. I can say without doubt Nolan School offers excellent programs and effective pricing for Procurement education.

"It has directly benefited my career as a Procurement professional."

Oyindamola Tade
Procurement Manager

Brisbane Australia

Having moved from Nigeria to Australia, the workplace cultural difference stood out to me. Settling in was a tad rocky.

After attending the Program in Advanced Procurement, I learned that Soft Skills are some of the most important skills to have as a Procurement Specialist. I applied this knowledge to my day-to-day work and boy was there a tremendous change!

The Program detailed key Procurement concepts and frameworks that I could immediately apply at my job. This has seen me taking up more Procurement responsibilities, with ease and confidence. I found all the subjects very easy to follow and the real-life scenarios and case studies used in the Program helped me a lot in putting each subject in perspective.

The Program does what it says it will do. It prepares you to become a Procurement Specialist. 

Oyinda Tade - modified_edited.jpg

"The Program does what it says it will do. It prepares you to become a Procurement Specialist."

Osman Eltaher - modified_edited.jpg

Osman Eltaher

Procurement Assistant

Khartoum Sudan

I took the Program in Advanced Procurement. It was really beneficial. It changed the way I deal with Contracts. I like how the Program covers both Corporate and Government Agreements. This has improved my understanding of how Contracts work.

"This has definitely improved my understanding of how Contracts work."

Madusha Amarakoon
Procurement Manager

Colombo Sri Lanka

I am glad that I got an opportunity to enroll in the Procurement Webinars at Nolan School of Procurement. The content of their program is comprehensive and well-designed. The Program covers many Procurement areas that other educators fail to address. This helped me to develop my skills and broaden my career horizons.


I highly recommend this School to Procurement professionals who want to become a Procurement Specialist.

Madusha Amarakoon - edited_edited.jpg

"The Program covers many Procurement areas that other educators fail to address."

Alusiola Valentine - original_edited_edited.jpg

"The School has been a game changer for my career."

Alusiola Valentine
Procurement Assistant

Nairobi Kenya

I enrolled in Nolan school of Procurement and discovered I have been able to acquire highly relevant skills within short period of time. When I was doing my Internship at the Ministry of ICT here in Kenya, I finished my university business degree. The mistakes I was making in my Internship led me to believe that my education was too theoretical to sufficiently prepare me for a Procurement role.

When I started the Program at Nolan School, I noticed I had gaps in my knowledge. I took the opportunity to ask lots of questions, something I found difficult to do at Uni. As I progressed in the Program, I noticed my skill levels rising and I started to make less mistakes. Even my boss congratulated me on doing a better job. I was given added responsibility to participate in Tender evaluation, something I did not imagine could happen so quickly as an Intern.

The School has been a game changer for my career. Confidently, I can say I have Procurement skills to face the World now.

Cindy Caucao
Procurement Officer

Brisbane Australia

Before I started the Program in Advanced Procurement, I was studying nursing at university. When I was introduced to this advanced program in procurement, I had no idea what Procurement was. The first webinar I found a bit difficult but at the same time I was intrigued. With subsequent webinars, I was pulled in. I started looking for jobs in the Procurement sector, and there were many of them. Most of them were senior roles.


I thought: How am I going to get a job in Procurement, when I have never worked in Procurement before? Armed with what I was learning at the School, I went for interviews. Over the course of about a month, I got rejections, and I felt a bit disheartened. Then one morning, my recruiter called. I was offered a Procurement role in Australia Government. I literally screamed with joy. The Advanced Program in Procurement works!

Cindy Caucao - Edited_edited.jpg

"I was offered a Procurement role."

"This Program has immensely improved my employability."

Nathasha Fernando

Procurement Executive

Colombo Sri Lanka

The best thing about the Program in Advanced Procurement is that I was finally able to learn what world stage Procurement looks like. I have followed Procurement courses before, but all of them taught the theory that I already knew and was of no use to me in the corporate world. At Nolan School, the content and the webinars are designed to help us grasp the real-world scenarios pitfalls, and to provide tactics to avoid them. 

In the past, I was often worried to face an interview as I did not know the Procurement fundamentals by heart. After following this Program, it is much easier for me to prepare for an interview as everything was taught to us in a simple and friendly manner.

This Program has immensely improved my employability as the content is designed to capture the key areas questioned in a Procurement interview. The webinar times allowed me to gain the knowledge I need to better my career without being an obstruction to my work schedule. I give my highest validation to this program and Nolan School of Procurement.

Nathasha Fernando - modified_edited.jpg

Olga Shergina

Procurement Specialist

Vladivostok Russia

I have been working in Procurement for four years. However, I’ve always felt a certain lack of knowledge in this area, and the School filled this gap in just two months of classes.

The Program is well structured and covers the main aspects you need to know to become a competitive and smart Procurement Specialist. Although I’m specialised in sourcing from China, now I am able to apply the knowledge I have learned in this School in my Procurement job!

My life as a Procurement Specialist became easier and more efficient once I attained a structured explanation of Procurement strategies, Contracts and Probity issues. I really like the emphasis Nolan places on efficient communication and emotional intelligence. The content of the Program is valuable and I feel like I’m hugely contributing to my professional career. I can freely recommend this Program to people from a non-English speaking background as Nolan explains concepts in an easy way.

What I really loved in the Program is its homework. I know that homework can be dull but this is definitely not the case with this School. Each homework assignment feels like you are working on a real Procurement problem.

Olga Shergina - modified_edited.jpg

"I feel like I'm hugely contributing to my professional career."

Viviana Jaimes - edited_edited.jpg

Luz Viviana Jaimes Hernandez

ICT Specialist

Brisbane Australia

Nolan is so passionate about sharing and helping people excel in the field of Procurement. When he demonstrates this ability, you quickly see why he is one of the leading experts in his field.

Because of my background as an IT specialist, I didn't see myself as a Procurement officer. But after studying the in-depth Program in Advanced Procurement, I am now actively seeking a career in this area. As I have learnt that Procurement can further my knowledge of IT, that they can work hand in hand together. This Program has opened my eyes to endless possibilities. 

The Program and work materials were all crafted by Nolan, and it is easy to follow. I believe this is due to Nolan's years of experience in this field. He teaches you in such a simple way!

From a personal view as a woman, this Program is exceptional in providing educational benefits for women just like me, from a cultural background where women suffer due to economic dependency and social inequality. I am so appreciative for what Nolan is doing in giving a voice to all those Women who don't think they can excel their professional careers, or even to have a professional career at all.

"This Program has opened my eyes to endless possibilities."

Sharon Moraa

Procurement Officer

Nairobi Kenya

I studied at Nolan School of Procurement, taking the Program in Advanced Procurement. This Program is a blessing to my career in Procurement and I  am  grateful to Nolan for this opportunity to learn. The modules are brain teasers and eye openers. I had been searching for ways to relate and understand more about Procurement until I found my way to Nolan’s school. The Program is practical and has well established frameworks that are loaded with information, easy to understand and to implement in my day to day activities as a Procurement Officer. I can confidently say that I am not the same Procurement person I was two months ago.

I looked forward to every class as I got to learn something new and better on how to improve the Procurement processes at my workplace. As an example, while preparing a tender I discovered that a supplier had inadvertently been given an indicate quote (I now know awesome words to use in meetings). In the Program, we learned how to effectively mitigate these kinds of probity issues, with emotional intelligence.

My engagement in this Program has enabled me to step up and take on senior work I previously avoided. With what I learned, I now feel much more confident and I intend to wear my new knowledge on my sleeve, and strive to grow in this wonderful field.

Sharon Moraa - original_edited.jpg

"I am not the same Procurement person I was two months ago."

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