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Procurement Employers and Recruiters

Verify a Student's qualifications
are authentic.

All fields must be completed. Please review our search guidelines below before sending a request for confirmation of qualifications.



Our School takes active measures to mitigate against  qualification fraud.


Fraudulent academic behaviours and qualifications is a serious problem. Educational institutions are becoming increasingly vigilant to a growing prevalence of people making a living out of preparing other people's homework assignments. More disturbingly, in recent years, fraudulent academic qualifications are on the rise. It has become necessary to validate the authenticity of Student qualifications.


Nolan School of Procurement protects Student identity at each touch-point of the education process. Our Students are verified through proper identity checking, and by automated user authentication in our Webinar attendance.


  • We maintain a service for Procurement Employers and Recruiters seeking to verify their Candidates' Student qualifications.

  • There is no charge for this service. We usually respond to requests by email within 1 business day, Brisbane Australia time.

  • All fields must be properly completed.

  • We operate in accordance with the Privacy Act of Australia (1988) and require Students to provide us with written consent to release confirmation of their School academic qualifications to enquiring parties.

  • If a search result does not confirm a qualification, it could mean the Student has not provided consent to share their information.

  • The information we provide is limited to confirmation of a Student's graduation in a specific course. We do not share academic grade results.

  • If an enquiry contains a misspelled Student name or other incorrect information, we will not provide confirmation.

  • We do not provide information about these enquiries to our Students to protect the privacy of enquiring parties.

  • We will not provide information if we do not consider the request to be from an appropriate organisation and for a legitimate purpose.

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